6 sure steps to reignite your marital sex life…even with the kids around!

6 sure steps to reignite your marital sex life…even with the kids around!


1) Talk about sex! When you can voice it out, it helps your mindset and can be a sexy type of vocal foreplay. A couple I know even invented code names for the sex organs and use them to arouse each other…even when they have guests around or when they’re in public. Talk dirty! say what you want to do to him/her! it’s ok, marriage is one place you’re allowed that!

2)Be a little more naughty with your hands…I call it naughty touching! A sudden touch of the sensitive parts by a spouse can start it all! let your breast brush against him as if you knew nothing about! grab her ass when she doesn’t expect it, caress his/her nipple sensually while hugging from the back. You’re bound to start a fire down there!

3)You also need to understand your limitations. The male libido begins to drop significantly after having kids, in addition to that, as you get older and, maybe, bulkier, you will find that your ability to exert the same amount of effort for the same length of time as you did when you were younger, will be lesser and lesser. I makes sense to adjust your expectations according to reality.

4)Dwell more on foreplay. this way your arousal is more heightened before the actual intercourse takes place and the need for physical exertion is reduced.

5)Discover each others most sensitive parts and how exactly they want to be stimulated. Everybody is unique in this aspect and what works for one man/woman may not work for another

6) Learn new techniques. if all you know so far is the missionary position then you need to acquaint yourself with some of the exotic positions of the Kama Sutra (google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about)